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My name is Tabitha and I am the owner, maker, and designer of Prick & Peaches. Designing is my passion whether it be a tumbler or website. I love bringing visions to life!

When you are out shopping for a new product, what are you drawn to first? The plain white bottle or the one that has a design and clear branding that is basically begging to be thrown in your cart no matter the cost? 

The answer is always the pretty packaging. Heck, I even gravitate towards the pretty tampons! I am a sucker for a stellar design and appreciate the time and thought they put into their product. Branding is crucial for businesses especially for those who are small and have a lot of competition. If you are using a platform such as Etsy you are being limited to your logo, banner, and products but what sets you a part from all of other stores in there? Nothing really. You are not able to properly brand and stand out like you deserve.

If you are here then you are probably a creator, artist, maker, or influencer. Do you have a space that you are able to show off who you are? Do you have a place where you can call your own and truly express yourself and business?

So what do you say? Are you ready to invest in yourself and become that eye catching, throw me in your cart and take all of my money type of business?

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Who am I?

My name is Tabitha and I clearly love Snapchat filters and desperately need professional photos taken but I digress. I am a wife, mama, and business owner. As a tumbler maker I am blessed to be a part of so many amazing groups amongst some of the most uplifting and supportive people. I absolutely love the crafting community and want to help by giving other makers who are looking to grow their business a space that truly represents their brand and who they are. My goal is to make processes easier and give the gift of confidence in the form of a website. 

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