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Tabitha Cardey

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Where I started

I had my oldest at 21 years old. It was just the two of us so I had to find a solid career & had to find one fast. I decided to put myself through an accelerated course to become a Respiratory Therapist. No research, no questions, just dove head first. I really loved it but I was 24 when I graduated & a completely different person then. While pregnant with my youngest I had every intention of returning to work until the moment I first held her. I know all of you mamas out there know that feeling of missing your child while you are literally staring at them as they sleep in your arms. I was so overwhelmed by the thought of leaving her but it made it worse because we didn't know anyone personally to care for her. 

Unexpected New Beginnings

Realizing that I started a career out of necessity & also being plagued with severe separation anxiety I had the talk with my husband. I didn't have a solid plan but I knew I couldn't return to a workplace. I have always been pretty independent & making my own money was & still is important to me. I was given this gift of being able to navigate & truly decide what I wanted to for a living. It was my time to do something that I truly love but I didn't know what that was yet until a Facebook moderation gig landed in my lap. That took me down a path I never imagined. 


After starting a crafting business working mostly with wood I realized how freaking expensive it is just to create & how time consuming it all is. I didn't factor in the selling aspect of it all either. There is social media, websites, SEO, content creation, marketing, etc... SO. MUCH. TIME! Then I realized, I have this knowledge & background of designing websites, SEO, and social media management so why not incorporate that with my tumbler business?! After doing some research on the average cost to have someone design a website & it is bank breaking! As a mama of teens, dogs, & a toddler with only one stable income I understand the importance of making the dollar stretch while investing in our business so we can create financial freedom for ourselves. 

Tabitha Cardey & Bosa
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My Mission

My mission is to help other creators, artists, and crafters become a business at an affordable price. Yes, you can run a successful business on Etsy but there are also many cons to solely relying on Etsy to scale your business. I shop on Etsy ALL. OF. THE. TIME! As a small business owner I prefer to support other small business owners as much as possible. I have found a lot of sellers list a few items in their shop but will offer a discount if you shop on their website. Then when you navigate to their website you find a lot more products that they don't have listed in their Etsy shop. If you have a good amount of traffic on your Etsy shop I do recommend having both while you transition off Etsy all together or only post your best sellers.

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