Customer Expectations

Let's talk about expectations from the customer POV shall we?

As a small business owner we understand all of the pain points of starting a business. THERE. ARE. SO. MANY!!

  • The cost of supplies

  • The cost of wasted supplies when we mess up because we are human

  • The time that we spend perfecting our craft

  • The time that we spend away from our families

  • The legalities such as business license, insurance, etc...

  • Branding... normal people won't understand this one but creative people typically love all of the things so branding isn't always easy.

  • Social media. SO MUCH POSTING!!

  • Communication

  • Keeping our space clean. Total fail for me...

  • Ordering supplies. If you are ordering anything shiny my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Watching endless of hours of tutorials

  • Breaking down the cost so we know what to charge.

  • Researching products

The list is endless but for the customer, it's not something they take into account.


We live in a world where when we want something we immediately jump on our phones and either Google what it is or go to an app like Amazon or Target and order whatever it is that we want and expect for it to be delivered within two business days. Though, anyone with a brain knows that it doesn't work that way for business that don't have their own shipping crew but the desire to have the order asap does not go away. We also live in a world where communication is not always needed and shopping is at our fingertips. There is little to no need for human interaction when it comes to making a purchase. Heck, I can even request a refund from Amazon via bot chat.

Which brings me to my point... I bet you get the question "do you have a website" often right? Unfortunately, we have become accustom to the "shopping at your fingertips" lifestyle so not having a website could be hurting you. Of course, there are the unicorns out there that are still operating via DMs but if that is not you, then it's time to start your own website.


This Not having a website can say a couple of different things.

  1. You are still very new - We all start at the beginning at some point so this isn't necessarily a bad thing but if someone is looking for a more seasoned artist you may miss your chance on a great opportunity. Especially if you are not new.

  2. Your business isn't a business - Not having a website can give off of the impression that you are only creating as a hobby. Maybe you work full-time, have kids and just have the time to be a full-time business owner. I totally get that! But if you have any plans about getting serious at some point and that is a goal, then starting a website to show your seriousness despite your ability to put all of your time in will be well received and respected by customers.

  3. You are unorganized - Listen, we can't always be great at everything and we can't always afford to have nice things like a website but with all of the resources out there, you can absolutely design a very simple website on your own and even use the free version of Wix. Most people carry that knowledge so not having one can come across as not managing time well.

My inbox is always open if you ever need any help or have any questions!